28 May

Roads refers to passable pathways by  vehicles from one point to another which is constructed through road construction by use of road construction equipments and materials. Seasonal and all weather road are the two types of roads which are influenced by the skill, materials and equipments used by the constructor. Road construction is usually done on business contract basis between the road constructor and the client. Road construction process starts with planning which is done by surveying the ground to determine the route and the distance of the road. Evaluation of the road construction pan is what determines whether the practical road construction activities should be intiated.To come up with a sound road construction plan, different professionals such as land surveyors, geologists, architects and engineers are involved.

To complete the contract within the speculated time limit, road constructors must ascertain that all the necessary materials and equipments are within reach.Skills and experience are also basic necessities in road construction which a constructor must possess to be competent.It is the responsibility of the road constructor to oversee all the activities are operated within budget as this will eliminate the need of asking for extra payment from the client. Use of advanced technology in road construction helps constructors to perform most of the tasks by use of machines which are fast and efficient.

Road constructors have no option but to provide excellent results by making sure that their construction have met all the standards. To construct a road that is long lasting it requires the personnel involved such as the construction equipment operators and the construction laborers to work as a team. Road constructors are also obliged to offer road repair and maintenance activities.

Road construction requires a procedural follow up of events from planning, clearing, construction of the sub grade, sub base, the base to wearing course construction. Each step of road construction should meet the standards set by the engineering and construction board for a road to be considered safe for use by the citizens. Transaction receipts and updated financial records are important for the road constructor to minimizes cases of fraud and forgery during construction. Road constructers whose work is shoddy and unprofessional are eligible to be a defendant in a lawsuit, view here!

The road work safety  signposts and proper drainage system are some of the services provided by the constructor that reduce road accidents rates at a high percentage. A country's economic growth will be very slow in progress in absence of road construction as roads facilitate business expansions.

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